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After a catastrophic accident, you have a serious choice ahead of you. Choosing a law firm with the skills, the experience and the resources to get the results you need is especially important after a serious injury.  At Budge Law Firm, PLLC, we are on your side, and will work hard to help you recover full compensation for mounting medical bills, future medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  We will make sure you receive the damages the law says are yours.

Providing the highest quality legal representation

The lawyers at Budge Law Firm are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation to injury victims throughout Arizona. We are focused on providing excellent customer service while keeping you informed in every step of your case.

Our Personal Injury Services Include:


Our law firm offers FREE personal injury consultations when you need help. The personal injury attorneys at Budge Law Firm work directly with our clients to ensure that they understand their legal rights and options. To schedule your free consultation, call 480-246-8050 or you can contact us online to get started today.


Let us review the facts of your case. At Budge Law Firm,  we will thoroughly investigate claims, establish who is responsible and demand full compensation for our clients. We want our clients to receive the medical care they need to recover physically and emotionally from their injuries and the legal care they need to recover economically. 

Call 480-246-8050 to schedule your free consultation if you or a loved one has been injured by someone’s negligence.

At Budge Law Firm, we can tell you how soon you need to act to preserve your rights, the damages to which you may be entitled, and whether you may be entitled to some type of financial benefits before your lawsuit is even settled.  We will do everything we can to prove your case, and we do it without charging you anything upfront. In most personal injury cases, you don’t owe any legal fees until we win or settle your case.  If you believe that you may have a personal injury case, please contact our office at 480-246-8050 today for a free personal injury consultation.

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